Caring for your Senior Pet

Caring for Your Senior Pet

As pets get older, the risk of developing certain diseases and conditions increase. Your pet might experience age-related changes in their behavior. Routine care for senior pets often involves more than a yearly wellness visit. At Paducah Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarian in Paducah, KY, can provide your pet with professional care. You can also do the following to help your senior pets stay happy and healthy.

Senior Pet Food

Search for pet foods made specifically for senior pets. These foods are usually easier for older pets to digest. Avoid overfeeding your pets to help prevent obesity, which can increase the risk of health problems.

Older Pets Exercise

Having senior pets stay physically active can help maintain regular mobility. Exercise also helps reduce the risk of excessive weight gain. Speak with our veterinarian about exercises and safe physical activities for a senior pet.

Keep Up with Vaccinations

A senior pet with weakened immune systems has a high risk of complications from certain illnesses, such as kennel cough. Our veterinarian can recommend the right vaccinations for older pets to ensure health and happiness.

Pet Exams

An older pet should have a regular pet exam done twice a year, rather than once a year. Your pet might need more frequent veterinary care if chronic or major health becomes an issue. Senior pet exams allow our veterinary team to look for signs of health problems, so we can treat it early. This early treatment helps reduce the risk of severe illness and complications.

Routine Care for Senior Pets

If your senior pet is due for a wellness visit, contact Paducah Veterinary Clinic for an appointment. Our veterinarian in Paducah, KY, can evaluate your pet and discuss any concerns you have about health or behavior. Call our office at (270) 443-8835 to schedule an appointment.

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