Paducah Veterinary Clinic proudly serves the pets and their humans in our community. As the premier animal hospital in Paducah, KY, our priority is to give your pets the best care available. An essential part of any pet’s health and wellness is ensuring they receive the right vaccinations. Our veterinarian will help you figure out which vaccinations your pets need and give their immune systems the tools needed to ward off infectious diseases. If you are a new pet owner or new to the area, contact our team to schedule a consultation with Dr. Everett.


The Importance of Vaccinations for Pets

Pets need vaccines for the same reasons humans do. Vaccines help prevent serious and even fatal illnesses in your pet. There are two types of vaccines: core and non-core. Depending on your pet’s lifestyle, it may not need all of the available vaccinations. Some vaccines are for diseases that occur in specific situations, while others cover diseases that spread more generally throughout the animal population.

Some of our most important work at our animal hospital involves preventing the spread of contagious diseases among local pets. As we have all seen throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccines can be key to protecting against illness and death.

Which Vaccines Are Needed

Standard vaccines are necessary for every cat and dog. They protect pets from serious and life-threatening illnesses like rabies, distemper, and hepatitis. Non-core vaccines are more specialized, meaning they are not necessarily vital to every pet but depend on its lifestyle, environment, and risk of exposure to preventable diseases. Non-core vaccines protect against less common diseases like kennel cough or feline leukemia. Our veterinarian at Paducah Veterinary Clinic will assess your pet and provide custom recommendations based on your pet’s lifestyle.

Vaccinations Safety

Vaccines are one of the safest components of modern medicine. This is true for both humans and animals. Side effects from vaccines are rare and often quite mild, such as temporary soreness at the injection sight. Depending on the vaccine, your pet may feel tired for a short time. This is normal as your pet’s immune system learns to create antibodies from the vaccine.

These are not universal reactions and they resolve quickly when they occur. Allergic reactions are also rare and easily treated. Our veterinarian will ask about any allergies or previous allergic reactions your pet has experienced. Rest assured that the vast majority of pets that receive vaccines have no issues.

Pet Vaccinations in Paducah, KY

If you live in or around Paducah and need to start your pet on a vaccination schedule, contact our team at Paducah Veterinary Clinic today at (270) 443-8835 to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian.

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