If you plan a trip, whether for business or pleasure, you will need to set up care for your pet. With you away, you will need someone to make sure that your pet has food and water. Your pet will also need attention while you are gone, and if you have a dog, they will need to go outdoors a few times a day.

There are a couple of options when it comes to your pet's care. You can either hire someone to stay at your home to care for your pet. You can also hire someone to stop by your home to ensure that your pet has what they need. Your other option is boarding, which is the best. There are a few reasons why it is best to book a stay at Paducah Veterinary Clinic while you are away.


Constant Attention

It is not uncommon for your pet to suffer from separation anxiety when you are away. If you hire someone to stop by to care for your pet, they will be alone most of the day, which will make the anxiety worse. Even if you have someone stay at your home, they will be away from your home while they go to work and attend social gatherings. Again, your pet will be left alone for long periods of time.

If you bring your pet to a boarding facility, there will always be someone around to care for your pet, which will keep their anxiety level down.


When you send your pet to a boarding facility while you are away, they will have a chance to socialize with other animals. Socialization is great for pets, and your pet will have a lot of fun spending time with other animals. This will give you peace of mind that while you are off having a good time, your pet will be having fun as well. When you send your pet to a boarding facility, it will be like sending them on their own vacation.

Regular Routine

Most pets thrive when they stick to a routine. If you hire someone to care for your pet, there is a good chance that they will not be able to eat, play and go outdoors at the times they normally do. This schedule disruption can make your pet's separation anxiety even worse.

When you send your pet to a boarding facility, you can let the staff know about your pet's daily routine, and they will do their best to stick to it. The boarding facility staff will understand that sticking to your pet's normal routine is best for them.

Access To Veterinary Care

If your pet becomes ill or gets injured when your cat sitter or dog sitter is not around, it can be a serious situation, which in severe cases, can result in death.

If you send your pet to a boarding facility, they will be monitored constantly. If your pet gets sick or injured, there will be a veterinarian on-site, which is essential during this type of emergency. If your pet has a medical condition and needs to take medication daily, it is best to bring them to a boarding facility while you travel. The staff are highly trained and can administer the medication correctly at the scheduled times.

If you are planning a trip, you should take advantage of the pet boarding services at Paducah Veterinary Clinic in Paducah, KY. If you leave your pet with us, you will have peace of mind that your pet will be happy and healthy while you are away.

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