Pet Illness

Your Pet Care Ultimate Guide: Common Conditions in Dogs and Cats

Your pets are essential to your family, and you want to do your best to keep them healthy. Yet, even the healthiest pets can get sick. Learning about common pet health conditions can help you identify problems early and get your furry friend the treatment they need.

At Paducah Veterinary Clinic in Paducah, KY, we understand your pet's health's importance to you. We have highly trained and dedicated veterinarians to help with your pet care needs. If you notice any of these conditions on your dog or cat, you must have a vet check them out as soon as possible.

Pet Illness

Skin Allergies

Skin allergies are common pet problems. In addition, environmental factors can cause allergies, such as food and medications.

Symptoms of skin allergies include itching, redness, hair loss, and hot spots. If your pet is scratching a lot, it's essential to have them checked out by a vet to rule out any other possible causes, such as fleas, mites, or infections.

Ear Infections

Ear infections are another common condition that affects many pets. They present with different symptoms, including itching, head shaking, and ear discharge. Unlike other ear infections, you can see signs outside your pet's body. If your pet gets ear infections, do not ignore them. Instead, contact a vet to ensure they get the help they need.

Gastrointestinal Issues

Gastrointestinal issues (GI) are common in both dogs and cats. Pets can suffer from various GI problems, including diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and weight loss. The primary cause of many GI issues is food, so paying attention to what your pet is eating and if they have any reactions after eating certain foods is essential. If you notice any gastrointestinal problems in your pet, contact a pet care specialist as soon as possible.


Arthritis is a condition that affects many pets as they age. It's caused by the deterioration of the cartilage in the joints, which leads to pain and stiffness. As a result, many pets with arthritis will have difficulty getting up, walking, and may even yelp or cry in pain when moving.

Diagnose and Treat Your Pet's Condition

If you think your pet may suffer from these conditions, it's essential to consult with veterinarians. At Paducah Veterinary Clinic, we offer various services to help diagnose and treat emergency and non-emergency pet conditions. In addition, we provide our services to clients in Paducah, KY, and surrounding areas. Contact us today at (270) 443-8835 to schedule an appointment for your furry friend.

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