Flea & Tick Prevention

 Keeping Your Pets Safe from Fleas & Ticks

All pets are vulnerable to fleas and ticks, including pets that stay inside all of the time. It just takes one parasite to compromise the health of your pet. At Paducah Veterinary Clinic, we have been providing pet owners in Paducah, KY with reliable pet care services for many years including flea and tick prevention.

Ticks and Pets

Ticks are harmful to both humans and pets, and humans can certainly catch ticks from being around a pet infested with them. Tick bites can introduce several types of dangerous bacteria into your pet’s system, making them extremely sick. Lyme disease is just one serious illness transmitted by tick bites. Rocky Mountain spotted fever is another. Pets can also suffer from protozoal diseases and tick paralysis.

Flea Bites in Pets

Flea bites can also transmit several diseases to pets. The bites can transmit murine typhus, cat scratch disease, and cause anemia in pets. These bites can also cause allergic dermatitis in pets, leading to bites that are swollen, itchy, and irritating. Pets can also swallow fleas containing tapeworm eggs. It is important to safeguard your pet’s health with flea and tick prevention medication.

Schedule a Pet Exam with Our Veterinarian for Flea and Tick Prevention in Paducah, KY

To keep your pet from any of the diseases that can be spread by fleas and ticks, healthy pets need to be put on flea and tick prevention medication. To make sure your pet is healthy enough for this medication, they will need to undergo a pet exam from a veterinarian. Call Paducah Veterinary Clinic today at (270) 443-8835 for more information on flea and tick prevention or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian.

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